The EMS-1C and EMS-2C are effective, easy to use, electronic muscle / neuromuscular stimulators.  The EMS-1C produces "Interrupted DC" (Galvanic) stimulation.  The EMS-2C produces Interrupted DC and Pulsed (Faradic) stimulation.  Both units allow easy one hand operation, including current adjustment, active probe positioning, and on-off control.  These instruments are used in the evaluation and treatment of muscle dysfunction caused by peripheral and CNS disorders.  They are most commonly used for preventing muscle atrophy, relaxing muscle spasms, and muscle re-education.

Because of the small size and light weight of these units, many physicians and therapists find them especially useful for bedside and in-home treatments.  In addition, they often prescribe these instruments for their patients to administer some of their own therapy.  This is due to the simplicity of the units and the inherent safety of battery powered devices (complete isolation from other equipment and the AC line voltage) and current-limiting circuitry.  This permits an optimum amount of therapy, rather than that limited by the therapist's schedule and cost concerns.

Electronically, the circuit uses a simple but very effective current-sourced output, supplying the needed voltage to produce the set output current.

- Effective and comfortable stimulation.

- Current limited for safety.

- Interrupted DC and Pulsed current.

- One hand operation.

- Reliable and versatile - use either water-soaked or conductive rubber electrodes.


- Battery Powered (9v alkaline included).

- Two year warranty on materials and work quality.

- Light weight:  approximately 6 oz.

- Available direct & through our network of dealers.

- Hospital or Home use.


- EMS-1C or EMS-2C

- Cloth-covered Electrodes & Carbon-rubber Electrodes

- 9 volt Battery


- Custom Output (amplitude & pulse width)



     Interupted DC

          0 - 15 mA peak


          0 - 25 mA peak

          80 pulses per second

          250 µsec, 1/2 peak duration


- Relaxation of muscle spasms;

- Prevention or retardation of disuse atrophy;

- Muscle re-education;

- Maintaining or increasing range of motion.



- Powered muscle stimulators should not be used on patients with cardiac demand pacemakers.

* FDA Guidance Document on Powered Muscle Stimulators

**Prescription required**

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Electronic Muscular / Neuromuscular Stimulator


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EMS-1C  $262.00

EMS-2C  $286.50